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30th January 2018 - Sara Morrison - 0 comments
New blog post - Inspiring kids rooms with take away tips!

Inspiring kids rooms with take away tips!

If you are thinking of revamping your child’s room I hope this will help you consider the practical aspects but most of all to inspire you to create something a little bit special, go on get creative!

When designing a kids room creating a stunning age appropriate space which can grow with your child is a tricky balancing act. This incredible space demonstrates this to perfection. Young children can have great fun crawling in and out of the teepee, older kids will enjoy playing in the tent, a quiet hideaway or a reading nook. The blackboard will last all the way through to teenage, the teepee whipped out and replaced by a dressing table or desk with a bigger white bed easily slotted in. 


If you break this design down and take away the accessories, its really very simple. White walls and furniture, neutral carpet (protected by a rug!) and the black wall.  Using neutral furniture and flooring as a backdrop is a good way of future proofing any kids room which can easily be updated with new furnishings, rugs, decals or a coat of paint! 

This room follows a similar formula, its all in the styling, the finishing touches bringing the room to life and reflecting the child’s personality.

Photo Martin Cederblad

Next, this incredible space! featuring Rocky Rocket which was on display at Maison & Objet In Paris and surely has to be the ultimate luxury feature, truly magical, every child’s fantasy.

Photo Circu Magical Furniture

The Rocket is an interactive chair, painted in the iconic red and white moon rocket chequered pattern. The chair features an educational light and sound system, stunning red velvet upholstered interior and gold leaf hidden drawers in the steps. Its an incredible design. If you don’t quite have the space or the budget then Circu have some wonderful products to create a space theme, the moon rug and the cloud pendant lights are two of my favourites.

Photo Adam Carter for Interiors Family - Space Bedroom

This image of a bedroom revamp for a space obsessed 8 year old was completed on a more modest budget. The wallpaper shows the space shuttle Endeavour floating over Earths luminous horizon, photographed by a Nasa crew member on the international space station makes for a striking backdrop and a bonus educational discussion! 

The wallpaper is by Murals Wallpaper, the furniture has been painted black and the carpet once again kept neutral. Accesorised with fabulous Snurk bedding and a retro light. 

Note how these designs have a neutral backdrop, a plain carpet and walls which have been embellished with decals or a mural.  Murals, paint effects and the vast array of available wall stickers are a great way to add personality to a child’s room. They allow you to be creative without repainting the entire room, perfect for a revamp or age appropriate update.

Photo Megan Taylor for 2lg Studio 

This truly inspirational kids room by the super talented features an incredible mural painted by artists

This fabulous design has ideas which we can all utilise for a stunning kids room. I particularly like the colourful mural contrasting against the clean white walls creating a truly eye catching feature, the bright colours of the furniture taken from the mural palette adding to the bold explosion of colour. The sumptuous plain carpet which once again balances the design and the fun lighting all creating a wonderful airy, playful design which just makes you want to smile! 

A key element to a well designed kids bedroom is good storage to deal with the inevitable large amounts of clutter the smallest members of the family generate! 

Photo Roselind Wilson Design

This beautifully designed wall of storage by Roselind Wilson Design maximises the available space with a sleek bank of floor to ceiling cupboards providing copius amounts of storage. I love the cleverly integrated chill out/reading nooks in the sumptuous, bold fabric, just gorgeous! If there was ever a space which might encourage the kids to put their toys away, this has got to be it! 

Figuring out appealing and practical storage solutions for your kids' rooms can be a challenge. There are countless stylish storage ideas available off the shelf, they don’t have to be bespoke or fitted. Think outside of the box! baskets, trunks or a non kiddy item of furniture which you can customise. 

In this lovely room the completed precious Lego models are displayed on the handy storage cabinet and a higher shelf to keep the delicate models away from younger siblings/friends. 

Photo Adam Carter for Interiors Family - Lego Storage

Inspiring kids to pick up Lego is always a good idea to avoid a disaster (rebuilding a set of 11 packs again is not funny for anyone!) and also to preserve adults feet!! Those tiny bits of lego left on the floor really do hurt!!

With any child’s room zoning different areas for different activities will ensure you get the practical aspects right but with a dose of imagination a corner or an alcove can be used to create a climbing wall, a cosy reading nook or even a millennium falcon!  Getting creative with blocks of colour, a simple mural or lighting can help transform even the smallest area of your child’s room to another world! You don’t have to have an enormous space to create something wonderful.

Photo by Adam Carter for Interiors Family - Millenium Falcon

This inspirational room which has gorgeous grand proportions features the hideout (and much more!) of every child’s dreams. 

Photo by designer Pippa Lee.

This design features a bookshelf, workstation with a magnetic board, reading tunnel with a padded cushion, and lighting at the rear which changes colours. Rather ingeniously it also has a climbing wall, ladder, hidden chalkboard on the inside of the closet doors, reading area with bookshelves, and a hidden hatch for additional storage like books and toys! A truly brilliant design.

If there is one place in the home where its possible to truly let go a little and embrace your design imagination its with your child’s room. But if you are still not sure how to achieve this we love designing kids rooms, playrooms and even garden dens and would love to help you.

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